Fantasy Faire 2017 – a look back

The Fairelands have now come and gone once again,

but the memories still live fresh in the minds of all of the Fairelanders.

Fantasy Faire is always filled with wonder, charity, kindness, community and creativity.

It is time for the Fairelands to slumber until their next rebirth.

Until then, I leave you this token of appreciation to all of the organizers, world builders,

creators, and community who make this event the most magical time of the SL year.

machinima by ColeMarie Soleil

Stay tuned for next year @ !

Cole’s Corner – Soul Reaper



Cole’s Corner Presents:

Soul Reaper @ The Nightmare Event


4 piece wearable fx set (Halo, Hand Wards, Spectral Fog Aura & Eyes)

Featured at The Nightmare Event is a very detailed and elaborate hunt filled with spooky moments and interactive experience things.

Do come check out The Nightmare Hunt this October, it’s well worth exploring.

Come be haunted!